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Basic Information
Name: Lilith Aensland
Gender: Female
Species: Succubus Clone
Origin: Darkstalkers 3 (1999)
Voice Actor: Christina Valenzuela
Bio: Lilith is a third of Morrigan Aensland's soul, given a physical form by Jedah Dohma. She was originally used by Jedah to lure Morrigan and other Darkstalkers to him. Now, she lives a more independent life with her sister.

Power Grid (Ranged from one to seven)
Intelligence: * * *
Strength: * *
Speed: * * *
Stamina: * * * *
Energy Projection: * * * * * *
Fighting Ability: * * * *

Health and Other Features
Stamina: 875,000
Doube Jump: Yes
Air Dash: Eight-Way*

*While Morrigan's horizontal air dash goes in a swooping motion, Lilith's forward dash is normal, like Storm or Zero's forward air dashes.

Normal Attacks
Standing Light: Finger Jab
Standing Medium: Shin Kick
Standing Heavy: Wing Trap
Standing Special/Launcher: Showgirl Kick

Aerial Light: Wing Blade
Aerial Medium: Quick Palm
Aerial Heavy: Blade Spin
Aerial Special/Knockdown: Bottom Bump

Crouching Light: Foot Extend
Crouching Medium: Shoe Sweep
Crouching Heavy: Double Blade

Forward: Innocent Hug Front
Backward: Innocent Hug Back
Air Forward: Childish Front Drop
Air Backward: Childish Back Drop

Command Specials
Quarter Circle Forward + Attack: Soul Flash (Air OK)
Unlike Soul Fist, Soul Eraser acts more like Chun Li's Kikoanken, in that the move projects a sphere of light around Lilith, making it an effective quasi-projectile and an even-better anti air move. The button strength used to pul off the move determines the blast radius, with Light having the smallest radius, and Heavy having the largest. The startup is also different from version to version, but the recovery on all three is the same. Also, the Heavy version causes a crumple state on contact.

Dragon Punch Motion + Attack: Shining Blade (Air OK)
Lilith's Shoryuken-type move has her using one of her wings to scoop opponents into the air. The startup is a bit slow compared to Morrigan's Shadow Blade, but Shining Blade is given two unique properties. One exclusive to Ultimate Marvel 3 is that the move starts low enough that it can hit opponents off the ground. The other is that if you hit the button you used to initiate the attack when it's at its apex, you can make Lilith perform an additional Shining Blade; this can be done up to three extra times. Like many Shoryuken moves, however, Lilith is vulnerable until she hits the ground, making the move unsafe if blocked.

Quarter Circle Back + Attack: Merry Turn
Lilith makes one hop forward while turning one of her wings into a blade. It starts up and recovers very quickly, and causes a hard knockdown if hit, similar to Akuma's Tatsumaki in Vanilla Marvel 3.

Down, Down + Special: Soul Charge
Lilith bunches herself into a huddled position similar to her intro animation and charges her hyper meter. The move begins quickly enough, but like Mighty Speech or EX Charge, Lilith can't call any assists as she's charging. However, as she's coming out of the move, she can cancel right into any of her other specials, mitigating its slow recovery.

Quarter Circle Back + Special: Flight
The startup for Lilith's flight mode is about the same speed as Morrigan's was in Vanilla Marvel 3, making it fairly easy to combo into and out of.

Hyper Combos
Quarter Circle Forward + Attack x2: Splendor Love (Level 1) (Air OK)
The bats covering Lilith's body burst forth and surround her in a whirlwind-like style, battering opponents in range. This is very much like Nova's Supernova, but covers more horizontal space than vertical space. It starts up and recovers quickly on the ground; in the air, the startup is the same, but Lilith can't react after the attack subsides, and she's vulnerable until she hits the ground. So in the air, it's better to use this move if your opponent's health is low and you want to go for a knockout.

Quarter Circle Backward + Attack x2: Mystic Arrow (Level 1)
Lilith's command grab Hyper where she'll snatch up an opponent, string them onto a bow she forms, and shoot them into a wall bounce. The startup is average, and it has good range, reaching opponents three character lengths from her. But it recovers slowly, leaving Lilith wide open if it whiffs.

Dragon Punch Motion + Attack x2: Soul Eraser (Level 1)
Lilith inherits one of Morrigan's old hypers from the Marvel vs. Capcom games, where she forms her bats into a large laser cannon that she fires at her opponent. The startup is a notch quicker than Iron Man's Proton Cannon, and is safe if it's blocked due to the pushback. It recovers slowly, however.

Assists/Team Hyper Combo
Alpha Assist: Merry Turn M/Splendor Love
Beta Assist: Soul Flash M/Soul Eraser
Gamma Assist: Shining Blade L/Splendor Love

Intro: Same as her intro in Darkstalkers 3
Stance: Same as her stance in Darkstalkers 3
Taunt: Lilith sneezes and wipes her nose
Victory 1: Lilith jumps up and down, clapping her hands, and changes into her tambourine girl costume.
Victory 2 (Only if Morrigan is on the same team): Lilith swoons and falls over, exhausted from the fight; Morrigan quickly teleports in and catches Lilith, leaning her head on her chest.

Intro Quotes
"Oooh! This looks like fun!"

"Hey, let's play!"

"I may not be as powerful as my sister, but that won't stop me!"

"Will you play with me?"

"Here goes nothing..."

Specific Intro Quotes
To Morrigan: "S...Sister?"
(Morrigan's Response: "Isn't this a nice little surprise?")

To Rocket Raccoon: "Aww, you're so cuuute!!"
(Rocket Raccoon's Response: "Let me guess: you want to take me home as a pet, right?")

To Dante: "Hey, mister, may I see your sword?"

To any villain except for Wesker or Dormammu: "Oooh...I don't like the looks of you..."

To Wesker: "Don't experiment on me, please!"

To Dormammu: "Are of Pyron's henchmen?"
(Dormammu's Response: "I am far worse than this "Pyron" you speak of..."

Victory Quotes
"Yippee! I won!"

"And the winner is...ME!!"

*Sings happily to herself*

"Wow, let's do this again sometime!"

Specific Victory Quotes
To Morrigan: "Looks like I win this time, sister!"

To Rocket Raccoon: "Hooray! I've got my own pet raccoon!"

To Wesker: "Get away from me, you creep!"

To Dormammu: "Sasquatch could've taken care of you!"

To any villain except for Wesker or Dormammu: "That'll teach you to mess with me!"

Victory Text
"That sure was fun! But...were you even trying?"

"Aww, it's over already? But I was just starting to have fuuun!"

"Yeah, my sister is the queen of Makai. Why do you ask?"

"Don't make fun of my chest size! I'm very sensitive about that!"

Specific Victory Text
To Morrigan: "Sorry, forgive me, right?"

To Rocket Raccoon: "Don't worry, I'll take good care of you, little guy!"

To Doctor Strange: "Wow, you're a pretty cool magician! What other tricks can you do?"

To Dante: "Mmm, you're so handsome...wanna go on a date sometime?"

To Dmromammu: "Eh, Pyron gave me more trouble than you ever could."

Other Quotes:
Light/Chip K.O.: ""

Time Up: *Sobs loudly*

Tag-in: "Whee!"

Aerial Tag-in: "I'll handle this!"

Crossover Counter: "Gimmie a turn!"

DHC 1: "Leave this to me!"
DHC 2: *Giggles loudly*

Team Hyper Combo Activation: "Help me out!"

X-Factor Activation: "Time to kick it up!"

Retreat: *Giggles*

Force-in 1: "Don't worry, I'll take this!"
Force-in 2: "Oh,'s down to me..."

Taunt 1: "Bo-riiing..."
Taunt 2: "Meh, I'm bored."

Color Palettes:
Color #1: Standard

Color #2: Green hair w/ black leotard and wings, purple leggings, and orange-ish sleeves (Morrigan Aensland)

Color #3: White hair, wings, leotard, and boots w/ brown leggings and sleeves (Sasquatch)

Color #4: Green hair w/ beige wings, leotard, boots, and yellow sleeves and leggings (Rikuo)

Color #5: Blue hair w/ gold wings, leotard, boots, and white sleeves and leggings (Anakaris)

Color #6: Pink Alt

Alternate Costume: Bunny Suit

This moveset has been made with no copyright intent or legal claim by myself. Therefore, Capcom (and by extension, Marvel) has the right to use all or part of this moveset/character profile as they see fit
One more moveset to submit before Thanksgiving break is done, and who better to close out this mini-marathon but Lilith Aensland?

While Lilith might seem like a Morrigan clone, I've heard that she plays differently than Morrigan does. So, to try and achieve that, I gave Lilith's moves different properties, such as Soul Flash being a stationary projectile as opposed to a forward-moving projectile like Soul Fist. At the very least, the Hypers are far different from Morrigan's, so that's a plus. :D

Lilith Aensland (c) Capcom
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